February 28th ‘12

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↳ Sasha Pieterse + adorable smile

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the best 12 seconds of the entire high school musical trilogy

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Title: High Zouis Dubstep
Artist: Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson
Played: 20110 times


i’m in tears please listen to this (x)

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Title: Luke
Played: 36934 times


Luke did this thing and it sounded perfect and idk i’m in love

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Real life: most common eye color is brown

Literature: eye color is anything but brown

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Louis Tomlinson Alphabet

↳One Direction

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Soundcheck + Demi.

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I’d never chase after 5sos’ car because that involves exercise and I barely do that anyway

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I knew that I had lost weight, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I never could admit that I had a problem cause I never thought that it was bad enough. You know, I always thought ‘I don’t have a problem because I’m not ‘x’ amount of pounds’ or ‘I’m not doing it this many times a day, I’m not as sick as so and so, I haven’t ended up in the hospital yet, I haven’t gone to treatment.’ There’s always someone sicker than you.
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James McVey + Candids
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jeez i would love to order that thing online, but i don’t know what size to order it in because women’s clothing sizes are determined by the alignments of the planets in relation to the fuck you galaxy 

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